Marketplaces Inc

Introducing Variant Pricing

Feb 2016

This is a feature that has been requested a lot by our marketplace operators, and today we’re happy to announce that it has been deployed to all marketplaces.

New Account Detail Features

Jan 2016

Today we have launched an update to the basic account details that each registered user has. The new interface allows for all users to upload their own profile image. If they register on your marketplace with Facebook then this will automatically use their profile picture from Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 2015

We get asked all sorts of stuff, all the time. Some of it is the same stuff! Below you will find some common questions and answers that we receive from people wanting to set up their own marketplace.

Open A Store!

Aug 2015

In this post we show you how to open a “store” in the demo site. A “store” is a place where people sell products and services on the marketplace.

Setting Up. 1) Choose a Name

Aug 2015

Once you’ve decided to use Marketplaces Inc there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. We are writing a series of articles that walk you through this process.

Forums! We want to talk to You!

Aug 2015

Marketplaces Inc can significantly enhance the forum experience. Allowing members to buy/sell/swap or exchange physical and virtual goods between each other. It can be a reason why people join or visit the forums in the first place.