Marketplaces Inc

Using your own domain & email

Jan 2018

We allow all of our clients to use their own domain for their marketplace.  Once your marketplace is set up, all that you need to do is configure the DNS settings on the domain from where you purchased it, and point the web traffic (normally www) to our IP address that we supply.

Importing Categories

Dec 2017

Categories are a very important setup process when starting your marketplace. They have your sellers list their items in a way to enable customers to better find what they are looking for.

Verifying your “no-reply” email address.

Aug 2016

Here are Marketplaces Inc, we leverage the power of other technologies where possible to build our robust platform and save your costs.  One of the forgotten costs of e-commerce is emails, although you may have free email from Google or Outlook it is actually not free nor easy to send emails from websites.

How to verify your “no-reply” email address

May 2016

When you set up your marketplace we ask you for your “no-reply” email address. This is the address that all automated marketplace emails are sent from.

Open A Store!

Aug 2015

In this post we show you how to open a “store” in the demo site. A “store” is a place where people sell products and services on the marketplace.

Setting Up. 1) Choose a Name

Aug 2015

Once you’ve decided to use Marketplaces Inc there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. We are writing a series of articles that walk you through this process.