Marketplaces Inc

Importing Categories

Dec 2017

Categories are a very important setup process when starting your marketplace. They have your sellers list their items in a way to enable customers to better find what they are looking for.

Automated SMS Notifications by Twilio

May 2017

The marketplace platform contains many trigger actions that send off automated emails to either the customer or seller. Now, with our new integration with Twilio, you can also send these communication by SMS.

Announcing listing carousels on the landing page

Apr 2017

You have asked, we have delivered.  Today we launch a new way to display your seller listings on the landing page.  Carousel mode!

New Account Detail Features

Jan 2016

Today we have launched an update to the basic account details that each registered user has. The new interface allows for all users to upload their own profile image. If they register on your marketplace with Facebook then this will automatically use their profile picture from Facebook.