Marketplaces Inc

Announcing Single Vendor Checkout

Apr 2017

Here are Marketplaces Inc we have always supported the ability to purchase from multiple vendors at the same time from your cart, however there are some marketplace conditions where operators what to support payments going to the seller first.

SSL free for all Marketplaces

Sep 2016

We take your client security seriously. So have decided to apply free SSL certificates to all of our marketplaces.

Verifying your “no-reply” email address.

Aug 2016

Here are Marketplaces Inc, we leverage the power of other technologies where possible to build our robust platform and save your costs.  One of the forgotten costs of e-commerce is emails, although you may have free email from Google or Outlook it is actually not free nor easy to send emails from websites.

How to verify your “no-reply” email address

May 2016

When you set up your marketplace we ask you for your “no-reply” email address. This is the address that all automated marketplace emails are sent from.

Introducing Digital File support for listings

Apr 2016

For a while now marketplace administrators have been able to add digital files to vendor listings. However now we have made that feature available to the vendors themselves.

Listing SEO Tags

Apr 2016

When your vendors list their items, they can now provide SEO Meta Tags for search engines. The content entered in these fields is not visible on the public item page but included as meta content in the page source. Some search engines utilise these values to influence how the content is displayed in search results.