Here are Marketplaces Inc we have always supported the ability to purchase from multiple vendors at the same time from your cart, however there are some marketplace conditions where operators what to support payments going to the seller first.

For this we have created what we are calling Single Vendor Checkout.  With this enabled, the marketplace and cart function as normal however on the cart a dedicated checkout button exists for each vendor’s group of items.

This way a customer can purchase multiple items from a given vendor at once, but can only purchase from one vendor at a time.

In this process we still use PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, however the recipients are reversed. All funds are sent on checkout to the seller’s PayPal account and then automatically the sales commission is sent onwards to the operator’s PayPal account. 

With this process, the liability for refunds lands on the seller rather than the marketplace. This is useful for marketplaces with high value items.

To use this function on your marketplace, please contact us to discuss further.