Marketplaces Inc

Shipping Explained

Jul 2020

How to configure your shipping rates for your store.

How to beat bigger marketplaces

Dec 2018

Last month, consumer group Which? Ran a survey to find Britain’s best and worst online shops.

How to make free shipping work for your marketplace

Nov 2018

Christmas is approaching and, as you may have gathered, Amazon is feeling festive. Last week the $1 trillion dollar e-commerce giant announced it will offer free shipping to non-prime members until the end of the holiday period.

How to build a great online marketplace

Nov 2018

Whichever statistic you look at, it’s the perfect time to be running an online marketplace right now. Annual sales have crashed through the $1 trillion barrier, and marketplaces now account for 50% of all online retail traffic.

Launching our integrated blogging engine

Feb 2018

Today we are launching our very own integrated blogging engine.

Using your own domain & email

Jan 2018

We allow all of our clients to use their own domain for their marketplace.  Once your marketplace is set up, all that you need to do is configure the DNS settings on the domain from where you purchased it, and point the web traffic (normally www) to our IP address that we supply.